Throughout February bet365 mobile casino are giving away a staggering £1 million in cash prizes. It’s a simple promotion which will reward 60,000 lucky winners with cash amounts that will reach as much as £5,000, or $10,000 AUD.

During the month there are eight separate prize draws, roughly one every four days, each of which will see at least 5,000 prizes handed out to those who have staked as little as £10 ($20 AUD) on the featured games available at bet365 mobile.

What’s more, there are some select double ticket games which will earn double entries for the same stake, so be sure to check which game is applicable each week as you can vastly enhanced your chances of claiming some cash in the prize draw.

During any given four day period there are at least three different featured games by which you can earn tickets. These obviously change regularly and should give players a chance to get involved with some of their favourites as well as some bet365 mobile casino classics.

As the month goes on the cash amount being given away in every draw increases, starting at £75,000, progressing to £100,000, then onto £125,000 and finally, the last two draws, made on 26th February and 29th February will see a whopping £200,000 in cash prizes credited to players.

Tickets can be earned cumulatively across a number of games so if you staked £5 on one featured game then £5 on another within the valid timeframe for that draw then you would earn one ticket.

One of the best things about this promotion is the opportunity to earn a multitude of cash prizes in the same draw.

Multiple tickets held by the same player can win prizes in any given draw so if you earn plenty of tickets then there is the chance to win several times. With prizes up to £5,000 (or equivalent currency) then there could be some seriously good pay days this month.

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