An about us page normally tries to tell you, the reader, some generic nonsense about what the website does, which in our minds, is pretty obvious as you’ve already managed to make your way to the website in the first place so you must have a rough idea.

Here at the Aussie Mobile Casino Expert, we’d rather focus on the why, rather than the generic ‘what’ because we believe it’s just as important, if not more so to understand why a brand or a company does what it does. Read on below for the ‘why’ and think of it a bit like a mission statement.

You can go to any casino review site and they’ll tell you all about what they do, but it’s rare they’ll tell you WHY they’re doing it. Ultimately, that’s what we do too; we review the best mobile casinos and the best mobile casino games out there today so that you know where it’s worth playing – as an Australian mobile casino player, the sites you can play at vary from other countries, you see. As well as this, we try to keep you up to date in our latest news section, so that you are fully aware of the latest bonuses and promotions on offer.

Why do we review casinos and in particular mobile casinos?

There are so many land-based casinos and online casinos and betting brands out there, that it becomes quite saturated and confusing as to where to play; they all have bonuses, they all have games and they all have varying other elements that could be of interest. And whilst mobile phones get smarter and smarter, there’s been a huge influx of mobile casinos – some bespoke and deidcated to mobile-only and others that act as extensions to an online casino. One thing’s for sure though, the use of mobile devices will only increase and so will the level of mobile casinos.

Why do we review what we deem as the ‘best mobile casinos’?

Quite frankly, why would we want to review the worst – we don’t want you playing at the worst casinos, we don’t see any point in that, so rather than listing them and wasting our time writing a negative review, we play at them, realise they’re not so good and then we choose not to list them at all – this way you can avoid them entirely and we don’t have to write a load of negative reviews each month. Therefore, you can rest assured that all of the casinos reviewed at the Australian Mobile Casino Expert are of a standard that would see us playing there ourselves – we trust them and we play at them.

Why do we bother to do this at all?

Ha! Good question my friend, good question. Having played on betting and casino sites for a long old time now, we’ve come across plenty that have been great and plenty that have been terrible. It always bugged us when we found a bad one and felt that a lot of reviews wouldn’t always highlight the negatives. So we felt we could do it better.

At the same time and for the sake of transparency, we keep the site running and the writers happy as we receive small commissions from the casinos, if any new players come through our site. This is another reason that we don’t want to positively review bad casinos as some review sites will do. We’d rather just focus on the good ones and make sure more players go their way.

It may seem a bit of an odd or foreign concept, that we would receive commissions for sending players to a casino but quite frankly, it’s an age-old practice that happens in most online or mobile industries – retail (think Amazon in particular!).

Why do you have different sites for different players?

Simple – different people have different needs. Apart from this Aussie site, we also have two other casino themed sites and both focused on the UK moreso than the Australian market. This is because we recognise that things are different from player-to-player and from country-to-country. One is for mobile casinos over there and one is for iPad casinos in the UK. The reason we set up the Australian site in particular is that we didn’t want you wasting your time trying to sign up at casinos that sadly can’t take you on as players – every review on this site is dedicated to the Australian market.

You can find more information about us throughout the site though – have a surf around and each of the pages should tell you what to expect, whether it’s some great casinos to play at, the casino VIP program reviews, the latest mobile casino game release or news regarding a huge casino bonus. Feel free to leave comments or rate the casinos yourselves and look out for our social media accounts too – the buttons are all over the site.

Thanks so much for stopping by and we hope you visit again some time!